The Lévesque House 
In a residential neighborhood in Laval, between the St-Vincent-de-Paul cemetery and the Rivière des Prairies, the clients wished to build their family home. The elevated terrain offers an overlook of the Rivière des Prairies and the dam of the hydroelectric power station.

The house consists of two simple interlocking volumes. The brick-clad garage volume extends towards the street, marking the axis towards the house, which continues inside and culminates in the living spaces overlooking the river. The house volume, in white stucco, is set back. Its setback allows for the preservation of large mature trees in the front yard and gives the house a discreet presence. From the street, through the trees, the gaze is initially drawn to the brick volume and, in the background, the white stucco volume. The ruggedness of the brick volume contrasts with the refinement of the succeeding volume.

From the street, a paved alley leads to a recess of the white volume marking the main entrance. Through the glass front door, one can see the interlocking brick volume. The end of the brick wall inside leads to the family living space fully open to a green and sunny courtyard. The privacy of the courtyard, the view towards the river, and its orientation have resulted in a ground floor that extends from inside to outside. Thus, the living spaces visually and physically extend to a terrace partly exposed and partly covered by the extension of the ground floor roof and a retractable awning.
Inside, the circulation is guided by natural light. Taking the stairs to the bedroom floor, a large high window draws us towards the trees and allows light to filter through the staircase. Heading towards the lower floor, a coping provides a stream of late afternoon light and a final view of low vegetation growing on the ground.
Perched on the upper floor, the bedrooms face the family courtyard. They benefit from abundant morning light and a privileged view of the continuous movement of the river and the water flowing through the dam.


Year : 2022
Team : Paul Bernier, Claudia Campeau, Francis Martel Labrecque
Structural Ingineer : Alain Mousseau (Calculatec)
Photos : Raphaël Thibodeau