Boucherville House

The expansion and partial renovation of a family's house in Boucherville fulfilled their desire for a larger living space that opens up to the backyard. 

The living spaces were first opened up and then reorganized. The kitchen, now open to the living room, serves as a connection between the existing house and the expansion. The annex in the backyard hosts a spacious dining area and a reading space bathed in direct natural light throughout the day. The additional openings created by the expansion connect the ground floor to the large green backyard.

From the inside, the spaces aligned with the addition are linked by the integrated white oak furniture that spans from the front office, through the kitchen, to the bench in the dining room. The wall above the bench is adorned with a large mirror that accentuates the connection to the courtyard by reflecting the vegetation and light perceived through the large patio doors.

From the outside, the expansion stands in contrast to the original house. Its simple volumetry and champagne aluminum cladding coordinated with the doors and windows give it a contemporary and refined expression. When the weather allows for the patio doors to be open, the dining area appears as an outdoor space in direct relation to the nearby mature trees and family activities in the courtyard.

Year: 2023
Team : Paul Bernier, Claudia Campeau, Paule Bourcier
Structural engineer : LBK Structure

Contractor : Rénovation par Jérémie
Photos : Raphaël Thibodeau