House on Lac Archambault

 House on Lac Archambault
The house has a simple form, it is a wooden cube implanted onto the steep slope of the site, which descends toward Archambault Lake. Its elevated position offers an exceptional view onto the lake, the mountain and the surrounding forest. 
    The escarpment of the site dictated the construction of a large terrace, which provides an exterior space linked to the interior living spaces, in overhang on the lake side. 
    The conception of the project was initially guided by the chosen location of openings in function of views and of the orientation to the sun. On the lake side, very large glazed doors render the wall almost completely transparent. On the other facades, long horizontal or vertical slits frame selected views on the forest and allow natural light in throughout the day. 
    On the ground floor, the living spaces are open. The structural system is clearly expressed. Steel beams, allowing great spans uninterrupted by columns, support a ceiling of cedar boards. A stair of steel and wood links the three floors. This stair is composed of the thinnest possible members in order to minimise visual obstruction. 
    Upon arriving on the upper floor, a small mezzanine linked by a suspended trellis walkway offers an area for work or relaxation, away from the activity of the lower levels. The rooms are small, the view is the architecture. The washroom on this floor is minimal in its design and brightly lit. Its counter of massive teak stands against the panorama of the landscape. 

Project completed in collaboration with Renée d’Amours architecte 
Year : 2008
Photos : © Mario Dubreuil and Paul Bernier