House on Lac Grenier

House on Lac Grenier
The land is completely wooded. It is crossed by a stream and borders a lake. 
    We chose to make a low rise building, mostly one-storey, whose sinuous shape is guided by the nature that surrounds it. The building itself folds, opens and tightens like a river digging its bed. 
    Upon entering, an imposing piece of furniture made of hickory wood welcomes us. Its shape offers a place to sit and storage for clothing. This then directs us to the living area, a large and bright space that ends in a cantilevered. On the south side, the outer wall disappears and becomes a large glass opening onto the forest. The materials used for the surfaces are clean and simple; white walls and polished concrete floors that contrast with the wilderness outside and let the surrounding nature express itself. 
    The large open space also houses three wooden objects: pieces of furniture arranged on an axis that invites us into a sequence of spaces that form the living area. 
    The cabinet of the entry hall also acts as a screen, protecting the more private area of the bedrooms. Behind this screen, stairs lead to the reading room: a quiet, secluded, wood-paneled space on the green roof. From this vantage point, perched on the roof, the building appears to blend into the natural surroundings. 

Year : 2015
Team : Paul Bernier, Anick Thibeault
Structural Engineer: Alain Mousseau (Calculatec)
Contractor: Construction Léonald Goyette
Photos : ©Adrien Williams