House in Oka

House in Oka
Our clients are lovers of the outdoors and in particular of water sports. They have land on the Lake des Deux-Montagnes in Oka. This area is renowned for its sailing club and its exceptional sailing conditions.
    The house will be small but optimized according to the needs of the customers and the characteristics of the site. Viewed from the street, it reads like a wooden box protected by a large white roof, which supports a second volume, an object suggesting the shape of a boat that advances towards the lake. Inside, the master bedroom occupies the prow of this boat, offering a view of the lake and the sunsets.
    At the front, on the ground floor, a large window covered with spaced cedar slats gives the façade a semi-transparent effect while protecting the privacy of the occupants. On the lake side, a large fenestration opens the ground floor on the ground and the view.
    The large white roof on the ground floor, supported by fine white painted steel posts, overhangs on the front, the side and the rear. It thus creates a large veranda and protects at the rear a terrace that advances on the ground, like a dock on a lake. This roof will be covered with a green roof, integrating nature and architecture. The large roof also protects the interior from overheating.

Year : 2016 – under construction
Team : Paul Bernier, Anick Thibeault, Alexandre Bernier, Francis Martel-Labrecque