Berri-Pontiac Project, unit #1

Berri-Pontiac Project, unit #1
This unit is in fact a small house which is made to appear large thanks to its verticality. Several devices were used in order for it to feel vast and luminous. 
    A large opening through the 2nd floor, and another through the roof leading to a rooftop terrace, allow the house to breathe. This piercing enables us to see the entire height of the building from the bottom floor while providing a view onto the sky. 
    The volume of the house is simple, there are no divisions. It is a white box within which a wooden structure was erected. The washrooms and closets are not concealed in partitions; rather they stand as objects in the space. The washroom is like a wooden chest placed onto the floor. The wardrobe, which also acts as a screen for the bedroom, is on wheels and thus offers the flexibility of modifying the sizes of the living room and bedroom. 

Project completed in collaboration with architect Renée d’Amours
Year : 2004
Photos : © Jean Lompré