Deschaillons House
At the end of a career that led them to live in different places around the world, the clients of Maison Deschaillons wanted to come back to settle on the family property of the gentleman, in Deschaillons-sur-St-Laurent, and make it their permanent residence.

The original small house, located in the heart of the village, is located on a narrow plot that extends to the river. Its architectural expression is typical of the area and will remain intact, serving as accommodation for family and passing friends. Additionally, its kitchen will be used for certain seasonal chores.

In the backyard, the absence of fence between neighbors provides a wide panorama of greenery overlooking the river. The commission was to add a new house behind the original one and connect it to the existing house. This new house would be designed to meet the needs of the retired couple, allowing them to enjoy the magnificent views and natural light.

The extension
The extension, set back from the street, is connected to the original house by a glazed passage that serves as the entrance hall and opens onto the property. This link, facilitating the connection of the two volumes, ensures a clear reading of both buildings. Its contemporary expression contrasts with the original house while incorporating some features of backyard buildings present in the area. Its white wooden envelope with a "board and batten" installation method recalls the envelope of several vernacular architecture buildings. From the street, the white volume is discreet. The curved facade creates a receding effect, reducing the perceived width of the extension and giving it a secondary presence.

The living spaces
The atypical volume of the extension results from considerations of the preferred views, light intake, and the clients' program. Its angled placement in relation to the original house also allows for an unobstructed view of the river.

The new house faces the river with a majority of openings on that side. The living spaces on the upper floor open up to a clear view of the river. In the living room, the high window allows southern light to enter. Thus, the living spaces are naturally illuminated by indirect light and zenithal light, creating a soothing ambiance. The screened room at ground level is directly connected to the land, extending all the way to the water.

Year: 2023
Team : Paul Bernier, Claudia Campeau, Paule Bourcier
Structural engineers : Steve Bédard ing. and Françoise Girard ing.

Contractor : Construction JC-7
Photos : Raphaël Thibodeau