Offices for Voir Cultural Newspaper

Offices for Voir Cultural Newspaper
The new offices of the Journal Voir were to be installed on an entire level of a downtown Montreal building. 
    Here, everything stems from the plan. At the center of the floor, an opaque block hosts all of the technical functions. The visitor exiting the elevator arrives into a hall, like a tunnel traversing this block and opening at each extremity onto office spaces. The office spaces are set onto a grid that is shifted in relation to the building and the central block. The overlap of these grids results in interesting meetings and surprising forms. The 4 white points, each holding a different function, are sculptural elements derived from the shifted grids and act as landmarks within the project. Everywhere in the project, admission of daylight and openings onto exterior views are maximized. The project is completed with an economy of means, simple solutions, and a raw language well suited to the paper. 

Project completed in collaboration with YH2 architecture 
Year : 2000
Photo : ©Johanne Biffi and Benoît Aquin