Gault Hotel

Gault Hotel
The Gault Hotel was introduced into a 19th century building in Old Montreal, which had suffered unfortunate interventions over time. The first step was to uncover its original qualities, of a time when it housed a textile factory and its warehouse, with its high ceilings, its cast iron columns and its large windows. 
    The new hotel then inserts itself within the building by the means of a minimal contemporary intervention. The cohabitation of the two eras is thus clearly visible to the visitor. 
    A soothing atmosphere reigns; the spaces are vast, luminous, open and free of clutter. Raw materials were selected for the intervention: white oak wood, hot rolled steel, and concrete. The solidity of the materials, the simplicity of the composition and the absence of trendy decorations confer an impression of permanence to the place. 
    In the bedrooms, guided by a taste for invention, panels slide, furniture rolls and pivots, and dividing curtains slide on rails. By these means, clients can modify the rooms to suit their preferences and inhabitation needs. 

Project completed in collaboration with YH2 architecture. 
Year : 2002
Photos : ©Johanne Biffi